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    Thank you for visiting NP | Designs.  My background in sales and marketing has led me to an amazing career in website design, graphic design, photo editing, and video creation. 


    For over fifteen years, I worked with a wonderful Milwaukee company that afforded me the opportunity to advance my skills and develop my passion with on-the-job-training to create & design informational & e-commerce websites, light graphic design, photo editing, video creation, product literature brochures, and catalogs in a fast-paced environment from inception to execution. My career allowed me to explore and learn all of the many different design elements that go into a project rather than focus on just one specialty; as well as objectively look at a project and recognize a way to do it not necessarily bigger - but BETTER, while recognizing the needs and wants of each individual client. At NP | Designs, I will work with you to develop a unique and evoking web project to effectively showcase your product or service.

    So how does one choose a website development company for their projects when there is a plethora to choose from when performing a local online search?

    If you're looking for a "from scratch" completely 100% custom-coded website costing $thousands$ and going up from there, with confusing service agreements, expired deadlines, unresponsive designers and large firms.... Well I'm just going to stop you right now... you have definitely come to the wrong place. Hop online, do a local search, and take your pick.

    If you're looking for a breathtaking, emotion evoking website that sells your business product or service for a mere fraction of the price (and time), you enjoy working with a small business with someone who loves what they do, doesn't promise what they can't deliver, and does not "bite off more than they can chew" then we're speaking the same language.  

    If you feel that NP | Designs is a right fit for your personal or businesses project, please contact me by following the link below, and let me know which type of project you're interested in.  I look forward to working with you.



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